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Welcome To The Dark Wolfs Pride    
BORN ON SEPT, 10, 2010
Came Back At 5/22/2012

Original GM: Edward Foulbreaker
Current GM: Kevvo (Kevin Boomer)

Home Server: Cortola

Guild News    

Dark Wolfs Pride. New Guild. Or Call it Second.

Jesuses97, Nov 4, 12 7:30 PM. yes thats the new site for it. the code to join right away is.
Guild Code: YCNX9767
Love to see you there ;P

Miss me

Jesuses97, Aug 24, 12 6:24 PM.
guys old fella coming back and this time i aint leaving.......


Jesuses97, Jun 17, 12 2:24 AM.
Hey Guild Guildmaster here i am having some problems irl.. reason why i been going on and off afk an stuff im sorry i come back  A.S.A.P i promise im so srry this also messes up guild activitys 
Ppl in Charge:
Kate (MidnightFantasy15)
Trey (TreyBoy)
Captain Roro (captainroro)
Kevin Boomer (KBoomer)
Nathaniel (Tigerlily9801)
William (Ryandudelol)
Rosa Calicohawk ( RosaCalicohawk)
Pirate Cutup (Ricardo) (NightWing101)


Treyboy, Jun 13, 12 2:18 AM.
Hey guys, so my dad limited me to one hour on the computer, which means i will have a HUGE disadvantage when it comes to looting. Anyways, this black pearl quest is really bothering me so i wanna get it done A.S.A.P then i can spend the rest of my time leveling or havin fun with my guildies if you see me give me a shout, and help me if you can, lol. HAVE FUN AN PLUNDER AWAY!!!!
P.S If you dont help me... I WILL STEAL YOUR BANANA!!!!


Jesuses97, Jun 10, 12 12:21 AM.
Guild Growing Quicker then i expected!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work guild more activity well be planed out we grown over in one week 30 ppl more almost 40 keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best Pvp: Monkey, And Kate
Best Svs: Unknown 
Best Sailor: Unknown
Best Fighter On Land: Unknown
Best Jumper: Guessing Monkey XD still is Unknown
Best Broader: Guessing Kate Rofl still is Unknown
Best Guildmember with most fame and legendary: Unknown
Best GuildMaster: Edward Foulbreaker of course lol
Best Co Guildmaster: Unknown 
Best Glitcher: Unknown
Best On Hunters (without using glitch): Unknown
Best Noob in Guild: William rofl Still is Unknown ( its Edward Foulbreaker )
Best Guilld Ever: The Dark Wolfs Pride!
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